Circuit de Calafat

The Circuit Calafat is a race track located in the town of L'Ametlla de Mar, at the Urbanización Calafat, 800 m from the shore. It is a huge leisure and sports site specialised in motorsports, with a unique track, one of the most technical and physical in Spain. Certified by the Motorcycle and Automobile Catalan Federation, it is prepared to host regional races, and it works as a Training Camp for professional drivers.

Nine right-hand turns, seven left-hand turns, and a 600 m chute with 10 m width track trace a winding and exciting 3,250 m layout, ideal for those who want to improve their driving techniques during a track day.

In the Circuit Calafat you can also take theoretical and practical courses on Evasive, Sport, and Efficient Driving. These are conducted by professionals and addressed to companies and motorsports fans so they can improve the control and efficacy of their driving, live an authentic GT Driving Experience, and practice drifting on the 770 m long sliding track of low adherence with a 227 m straightaway.


circuit de calafat plano

Download here the Circuit General Layout


Longitud 3.250m.
Anchura 10 m.
Recta principal 600 m.
Curvas derecha 9
Curvas izquierda 7
Peralte máximo 8%
Paddock 16.000 m2


Longitud 770m.
Anchura máxima 13 m.
Anchura mínima 6,5 m.
Recta principal 227 m.
Sistema de riego por aspersión


Edifico Boxes 22 boxes de 24 m2 (6x4 m.) con conexión wifi y toma de agua.
Tomas de luz 380v 39
Tomas de luz 220v 84
Tomas de agua 14 u.
Baños 18 WC y 4 duchas
Torre de control cronometraje, jueces y oficinas.
Bar Paddock bufet, barbacoa, terraza y conexión wifi, 190 m2 (aforo 100 pers.)
Edificio Escuela 2 aulas y 2 Boxes de 60 m2
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